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New York Fashion Week is underway. In the Lincoln Center and in tents around Manhattan, models are dressed up, wearing faces of makeup and sky high stilettos, and showing off the clothing and designs made by fashion artists. Twelve years ago, in the midst of New York Fashion Week, the largest terrorist attack in American history devastated the lives of countless and permanently disrupted the peace of mind of New York City. It is recent history and still a fresh wound for many people intimately connected with the tragedy, but out of that horrible event came a silent and resilient strength. In honor of Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance, and in memory of the 2,997 lives lost, Ma'mitons is going to take a look back into the chaotic and tragic day and the way it affected the Spring 2002 fashion week (for clarification: yes, it was the fall of 2001, but fashion lines show six months ahead of time. Why?It gives them time to produce the clothing for the season. Fall collections show in February �C it can be a little confusing at first, but just think about it being opposite of the current season you are in); though seemingly frivolous, there was a showing of American spirit that we all can be proud of.,In the year 2014, the most attractive character in cartoon may be the little boy who was born in Japan. Maybe he, the Astro Boy is the typical symbol of Japanese boys in 1980s. In the childhood, each boy dreams to protect the welfare of human being, to fight against those devil forces and to fly high in the sky with the help of advanced tech. just like Astro Boy does in the cartoon films. Meanwhile, along with the public show of the film directed by David Bowers, the little boy with dramatic energy turned out to be the super model. Designers affiliated to fashion companies learned from this favor of fashion again and again.? First, I want to use Astro Boy��s pants as my first shred of evidence. In the film, the boy just wears a black pant all year around, maybe partly because he is an automaton who fails to be afraid of cold. Or partly we can own this to the fact that Astro Boy is just a boy who needn��t formal clothing. However, I can��t and never image pants like that can popularize on the cat walk, especially put for ward by Miuccia Prada who I admire most. Seeing the new arrivals on the fashion week, models of Prada��s company wore her typical light brown leather pants, matching knee boots. The stranger the designs on catwalk, the more imitation occurs by those skin-deep stars. For example, Lady Gaga wore this suit and show off her strange clothing on the street! Gosh.,This is an article about my top five fashion websites and why they are my favorite websites. These websites range in the style and presentation, as well as how they give out information; however, they are listed in a way in which I understand current fashion trends from around the world.Top 5 fashion websites on my list "moncler cardigan
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